The Company

'SRW Surveyors: - Setting out to build your future'

Company Profile

SRW Surveyors was established in 2003 and has become known for Land Surveying expertise, high quality service and reliability on both Land Development  and large and small-scale Construction projects.

Lead by Steve Watt, Licensed Surveyor, SRW Surveyors strives to develop and maintain superior working relationships while engaging in open and respectful dialogue with our clients and governing authorities.

We work effectively with our clients and stakeholders to achieve professional and timely project completion, ensuring full compliance with legal requirements, industry regulations, and Best Practice Standards of our profession and business.

Commitment to Quality

All Ongoing professional development for the staff at SRW Surveyors is an important part of maintaining and providing a high quality of service to our clients. This is achieved through the regular provision of education, training, mentoring and diverse practical experience.

Our Quality Management System ensures best practice processes are followed at all times in our day to day operations. 


Memberships and Affiliations

isv.gifThe Institute of Surveyors Australia

acsv.jpgAssociation of Consulting Surveyors Victoria (ASCV)