'SRW Surveyors: - Setting out to build your future'

SRW Surveyors uses the latest surveying equipment and software, including GPS and Laser technology.

Land Development/Land Surveys

  • Licensed Surveyor
  • Title Re-establishment/Boundary Survey
  • Creation, varying and removal of easements
  • Sub-divisions (2 - 800 lots, including staged multi-storeys)
  • Adverse possession/Title Amendment Surveys
  • Feature and level Surveys
  • Crown Land surveys
  • Rural Surveys

Project Management of Construction process

  • Licensed Surveyor to co-ordinate with builder and site personnel/trades to ensure Quality is maintained 

Construction and Infrastructure


  • Construction set outs
  • Control and Bench marks
  • Basement, Perimeter and edge Set out
  • Footings for lifts and pit set outs
  • Kerbing, driveways, carpark ramps and lifts, set outs for essential services
  • Final Survey & Letter of Certification

Data Management

SRW Surveyors has a state-of-the–art server system allowing remote access of data and emails anywhere and anytime.   
This allows our team to respond to any queries in an efficient and timely manner.
All our data is securely stored and backed up daily.